Mifepristone Reversal

*Please note that we have very few doctors in Australia at this time who undertake mifepristone reversal.  We may not be able to find a doctor in your area*

Doctors in the United States have developed protocols that may reverse the effects of the first drugs taken in a medical abortion.  This means that if a woman changes her mind after taking the first medication (mifepristone), she can attend a doctor who knows this protocol who may be able to reverse the effects so that she can continue her pregnancy.

This is an experimental procedure with no guarantee of success, however early results in the United States suggest that approximately 55% of women continue a pregnancy to birth following the treatment.  This is significantly higher than would be expected without intervention. More than 130 babies (current as at November 2015) have been born after their mothers undertook this treatment.  There have been no recorded birth defects for any of these children.

We now have a small network of Australian doctors who can undertake this protocol, but we need more.  There may not be a doctor available in your area.

If you have taken the first pill (mifepristone) for a medical abortion in the last 24 hours and have changed your mind, it may be possible to reverse the effects of this drug and continue your pregnancy.

Timing is absolutely critical.  The sooner treatment is commenced the greater possibility there may be of success.

Any doctors interested in learning more so that they can offer this treatment are encouraged to contact us directly to find out how you can join the team to make this option available to women.   Your information is not made publicly available.  We remain the only point of connection between a woman requesting reversal and you.  An appointment is made with you only after our office has assessed and screened the woman for suitability for progesterone therapy.

Some women are being told by abortion clinics that once they take mifepristone they MUST take the misoprostol.   If you have changed your mind about continuing with your medical abortion, you have effectively withdrawn your consent and you do NOT have to take the misoprostol.  

If you are told this, we would like to hear from you.

If you do not take the misoprostol, there is a very small chance that your pregnancy may continue.  You should definitely see a doctor for monitoring. 

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